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Your St. Paul Dealership Alternative for Peterbilt Truck Maintenance

Peterbilt trucks enjoy a global reputation for pioneering design, innovative engineering, and fuel-efficient solutions for a broad range of industries. With more options, safety components, and comfort features than many other trucks in their class, Peterbilt trucks are a living legend in the trucking industry. At B & D, we work on all Peterbilt models, and take great pride in keeping Peterbilt trucks on the road.

B & D is committed to offering the finest quality diesel service for Peterbilt Trucks in St. Paul and the surrounding area. We work to lower your Peterbilt Truck operating costs through routine, consistent maintenance, and when you need repairs, our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our select crew of technicians has years of combined experience working on Peterbilt Trucks, so you can be confident your rig is in good hands.

Our shop is qualified to perform preventative maintenance and repairs on virtually all Peterbilt Truck models. You can schedule necessary service and repairs in advance, or we’ll work around your operating schedule to make sure your Peterbilt Truck is on the job when it needs to be. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to handle all repairs efficiently and accurately.

Bring Your Peterbilt Truck to B & D for Quality Repairs!

If you operate a Peterbilt Truck in the St. Paul area, contact B & D and learn more about our truck and fleet services. Call or make an appointment request today!